Xbox Live – The Coolest Way to Play

Xbox is Different

Xbox live has changed the entire gaming experience. It has changed the image of a gaming console from being just a mode of playing games to something that can be used to fulfill a variety of needs for not just the gamer, but the entire family. It has indeed, become a way to bring the entire family together and in today’s times where we barely see our family members, Xbox live has found a way to bring everyone together by customizing themselves to everyone’s needs.

So what is Xbox Live?

Xbox live is a multiplayer gaming service where players can play games with each other online. So the experience completely changes from just playing with a computer or a limited number of friends to playing with anybody from any country. With tine, this service has evolved to cater to the needs of the gaming community today to provide not just an excellent online gaming experience, but also a variety of ways to interact with each other and to utilize the console in many more ways rather just for gaming purposes.

What is so Cool about Xbox live?

The question should be what is not cool about Xbox live. The first thing is the fact that Xbox live has the maximum number of online player at any given time as compared to other gaming services. This enhances the gaming experience by providing you with many companions to play with rather than having to wait for other gamers to join.

The Messenger

Remember how wonderful it feels when you interact with your friends sitting right next to you while playing a game? The Xbox live service offers just that, the difference is that you interact with gamers all over the world. You can use the excellent Windows messenger service to send and receive messages, see which of your Xbox live friends are online and invite them to a game and build a strong circle of people that you play with, and we know how good it feels to compete for those scores and beat everyone else to it…with the messenger service, you can brag about your achievements, to your friends, and urge them to compete with you. There is also a system for you to interact with the other gamers via voice or video, now that’s the way to play with the world.

Cloud Storage

This is one of the coolest features of Xbox Live. Why? Because it solves one of the biggest problems that gamers face today… saving their games to play them from exactly where they left them, without taking up space in the console. The service provides storage on the Xbox Live servers which does not just save space; it makes it possible for you to access your games from any console just by accessing your profile so that you can continue right from where you left the game. Isn’t that wonderful? Now you don’t have to worry about having to restart the game if you and your friends decide to have a good time by playing a Call of Duty or a Modern Warfare, or any other games that you play.

Media Services

Xbox Live provides not just a brilliant gaming experience, but also a variety of media services that will just blow you away. You can access Netflix, Zune,, the MSN entertainment portal to view all the news in the entertainment industry, ESPN live, Hulu Plus, iHeartRadio streaming, YouTube where you cannot just access the videos but also upload videos created by you (more bragging options), IPTV, Epix, Dailymotion, UFC on Xbox, for those baseball fans, and many other services that this service just keeps adding regularly. The latest in the news is the possibility of a Skype chat engine, and the addition to watch Miss Universe on Xbox live, as well.

There’s More

If you still want more, then know this: you can create your own avatar and customize it as you like, you can see your friend’s avatars, see your gamer points and make purchases for various things in your games with those points. You can also download and buy content from the marketplace and access the latest and upcoming games there. You can also create your own gamer tag that is your identity in the Xbox gaming universe, and, what’s more, you can choose from a variety of options to make one that you like.


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