Top Ten iPhone Apps

Are you wondering what app to load on your brand new iPhone, or how to get that killer app that would complete your app collection? Well here is the good news. We have compiled a list of top ten iPhone Apps that would give you the bragging rights in your friend circle for a long time to come.

Here Is The List:

Smart Apps for your iPhone: These apps are guaranteed to make your life easier and you smarter. All people are created equal, but some have killer apps.

  1. Find My iPhone: When something can go wrong it will go wrong- that is known as Murphy’s Law. The bad news is that Murphy’s Law applies to your brand new iPhone too. Breaking sweat already?? Relax. Here comes the good news. You can get your iPhone with the help of the new Find My iPhone app. Great huh? This app will pinpoint your lost phone in a map, set of a beeper for two minutes (if it is buried under a cushion) and self destruct all important information if there is no hope of recovering it.
  2. Shop Savvy: This is a great app if you are one of those “shop till you drop” types. Remember to switch on this app before you check into a store, a better deal awaits you elsewhere.
  3. Dragon Go!: This app from the laboratories of Nuance Communications offers speech crunching facilities of the highest order. Just say “Get me the best barbecue joints in Florida” and it will direct Yelp to open a list of joints. Isn’t that cool? The sales pitch promises to give you all results within seconds , and this is exactly what it does. Five stars for performance.
  4. LogMeIn: This iPhone app helps you to remote login into your computer. This program is great if you need information that is on your computer. The desktop experience is not the same, but it does the job. You can even download files for a small fee.

Fun Apps For Your iPhone

  1. Weather Underground: Planning for a picnic? Great! But have you checked the weather? Nope? Get the Weather Underground as it gives you local weather conditions based on readings from 22,000 localized stations. Get daily weather forecasts and scrollable weekly forecasts and much more on your iPhone. Must have app for your iPhone.
  2. Angry Birds: This mobile game is just diabolical. The game is simple in format. The story goes like this: the pigs have angered the birds for some reason that remains unexplained and the birds have sworn revenge. The birds (you) wreck havoc on the pigs by showering them with missiles (more angry birds). The aim of the game is to break as many superstructures as possible. You go to the next level by wrecking more destruction. Great way to relax. Isn’t it?

Entertainment Apps To Kill For

  1. Fandango: Dango Kill was pretty good for a western. It had lots of guns, pretty women and villains dropping like flies. Fandango is a killer app much like the movie after which it is named and which it draws inspiration from. You can watch movie trailers, reviews and if you like something you can go ahead and buy a seat. Pretty much kills the competition when it comes to buying movie tickets.
  2. Shazam: There are some songs that stick in your head. Try as much as you want you can’t get it out of your head. Unfortunately, you are too lazy to find out the singer, or you are just like me and forget the lyrics. Here is where Shazam shows its true worth. Just fire it up when you hear a song and it will find the singer.
  3. StumbleUpon: Stuck in an elevator and don’t know what to do. No problem, StumbleUpon is designed for just this kind of contingency. It has a smart browser that collates the coolest sites on the webs and streams it to you. Remember! The more feedback you give, the better personalized trivia you get.
  4. Foodspotting: This is ultimate app for foodies like you. Choose your restaurant, not by name, but by the food served on the plate.

So get up from your couch and get these killer apps before your friends do. It is a question of bragging rights after all.


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  1. Fred says:

    Nice list. Keep up the good work

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