The Latest and Greatest in iPhone 4

It goes without saying that iPhone 4 is the latest rage and Apple has certainly got the nerve of the audience. Aside from the gorgeous touch screen and marvelous outlook, iPhone 4 features a new OS, iOS4 which opens up newer demographics for Apple iPhones. Even though Android mobile phones are picking up the market, the share held by Apple’s iDevices may be too much to handle for the Android mobile phones, especially with the most intelligent phone, iPhone 4.

Here is a quick run down of some of the latest and greatest features of iPhone 4.

  • iPhone 4 is officially the thinnest mobile in the world. It is 24% smaller in width than its predecessor iPhone 3G/3GS.
  • Multi-touch gestures can be hand coded to your own preference. This way, you can tell your iPhone how to respond to your gesture.
  • You can now use the front camera for video chatting.
  • Built in support for HTTP live streaming helps you to download websites from regular web servers.
  • Along with Google, default search engine, you can now use Bing search engine on iPhone 4.
  • Apple bluetooth keyboards can now be connected to iPhone 4.
  • Game center social networking allows you to play games with your international pals. Social networking is just made easier with the new iPhone.
  • iBooks are now available with PDF support. It can be very useful to read eBooks on your iPhone and with PDF support; your ebooks store has just expanded.
  • Newer iAd mobile advertising network enables the user to get whatever he wants with a simple pinch. There is no need to spend hours searching for anything you want.
  • Voice over IP support is now available with iPhone 4.
  • The newer 5X digital zoom camera has tap to focus video recording capability. The camera can now be used in both portrait and landscape mode.
  • Location privacy is enhanced and improved in the new iPhone 4. Now, users can see what apps have requested their location. Location services can be turned on or off for individual apps. You can have complete control on apps that use your location information.
  • Third party mobile management services can now be used in iPhone 4.
  • Inbox has been unified to let you see emails from all your accounts at a single place. You can alternately have multiple inboxes too.
  • Multitasking support for third party apps allow you to navigate between various apps.
  • Home screen wallpaper can be customized.
  • Folder management options are improved, allowing you to organize and access apps more easily. Apps can be categorized into folders allowing more visible apps.
  • Playlist can be instantly created and managed using your iPhone 4. Bluetooth headsets can be used to adjust volume.
  • Synchronization of notes with your yahoo mail, gmail iMAP and MobileMe is now made possible.
  • Connectivity features are improved to provide persistent Wi-Fi and wireless connection.


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