Siri… The Personal Assistant of Dreams!

Siri, the name we all know… the promise of the personal assistant we have all always dreamt of; Apple’s gift to its phone owners. Siri has been in the news since before it was released, and has stayed in the news ever since. Though most of us want to have Siri on our phones, we don’t really know how this amazing application (read amazing virtual assistant) works.

What is it?

Siri is just like an assistant who will get your work done. With the speed at which life is moving, Siri has stepped in to help, it works by the audio to text technology but in a slightly different manner. Siri, does not need to remember certain commands, it is brilliant just by the fact that it can understand the natural patter of your voice and also asks for clarity if it does not understand what you said… quite well-mannered we must say. So basically it is artificially designed software that helps you make calls, send messages, update your calendar, etc. all without having to type it out. It is also programmed to help you find directions.

How does it work?

Siri uses the internet on your phone to interact with the data centers made by apple so that it can comprehend your question and formulate a response. The appropriate internet speed for Siri to work would either be 3G or a WiFi connection so it can work without interruption. So what really happens is that your voice is converted into a digital code and sent to Apple’s data centers via your internet. Here, this code is understood by the software programmed to understand different languages.

While this is happening, your phone evaluates your voice and creates a possible response which is also sent to the same servers to help them formulate an answer. Now both the options; the one that the software came up with by itself, and the one your phone sent to it, are compared, and the best possible fit gets the go ahead. All of this happens by the time you have finished saying what you had to, and  you will immediately see the response by Siri. Now, if there is confusion or if Siri does not understand something, it will ask you the question again, mostly with some options based on its understanding.

Totally hands free

By now we know that Siri makes it possible for us to complete a lot of tasks without using our hands to actually type a message or a number or a calendar entry, and several other such things. However, one thing that adds to the beauty of Siri is that it also works well while you are wearing a headset or even a Bluetooth. So what happens is that you don’t just dictate the messages to Siri, while on hands free it will read your messages to you, confirm what you said before sending it and actually help you navigate without having to look at the screen while you are driving… that is quite amazing, looking at the fact that a lot of us focus more on our phones while walking or driving. Now it is possible to focus on those actions without missing out on replying to a message or creating that reminder that just came to your mind.

What can I Ask Siri to Do?

Quite a few things actually, Siri is programmed to work with almost all the applications that come with the iphone so you are looking at the calling functionality, music, email, messages, weather, stocks, calendar, notes, web search, and even alarms and reminders to be accessed by this application.

Siri is Creative

We have established the fact that Siri can recognize your voice just the way you speak, and you don’t have to learn a particular way to talk to it. What it also does is understand you more as the two of you spend more time talking to each other… literally! The more you speak to Siri, the better it recognizes your speech patterns to come up with better responses. It does not need to be told to look for words in your contact list to understand the names; it does that all by itself. Not just that, but it also makes sure that it keeps your close people in mind by asking you who is the person that you are making a call to.

Apple didn’t miss out on any traits of a perfect personal assistant it looks like.

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