Must Have Gadgets For 2012

This year, a lot of gadgets have already made their way to the market and others are going to be launched soon. With so much choice in terms of gadgets, people find it hard to choose between different technological items and decide which ones they should spend their money on and which ones are just not worth it.

If you have been saving up to get an amazing gadget for yourself this year, I’d suggest you look into our list of Must Have Gadgets for 2012 and then make a wise decision.

Talking about the gadgets that have already been released this year, we have the iPad. Apple launched its iPad in March; the tablet comes with Retina Display and is better than the previous iPads. The tablet has been a huge hit in the market, selling 15.43 million copies during the last quarter, soon after its launch. Apple surely knows how to please its fans and if you have been looking to get a tablet, there is nothing better than the new iPad. However, since the tablet market is a highly competitive one, we also have other good tablets that have made it to our list of must have gadgets for 2012. Another tablet that has caused a lot of hype is TF700T tablet by Asus; the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Price TF700T tablet is a successor of the previous Transformer Prime tablet. Depending on your budget, you can choose between the two. However, the ultimate choice also depends on your personal preferences. However, in terms of sales, the iPad has surely taken the lead against all other tablets, which makes it our first pick in the tablets category for 2012.

One of the most interesting and cool gadgets to have launched late last year and is widely available now is Lytro Light Field Camera. The light field technology camera was amongst the highly awaited gadgets of last year and the hype has continued this year too. If you like taking living photos that allow you to alter the field of focus (FOF) in any picture, Lytro should be your pick this year. Apart from its unique features, the Lytro Light Field Camera boasts an absolutely retro and cool design. This gadget is surely worth having if you have the money to spare.

Another cool gadget that you should look for is Kinect for Xbox 360. With actual motion controls allowing users to play games by moving their hands and outstanding games such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and others coming to the Xbox 360 that will support motion controls, Kinect for Xbox 360 is also a must have gadget of 2012. However, this gadget is primarily for those who like playing games; for those who don’t, you should spend your money on something that is more useful for you.

Apart from these, we also have the Galaxy S III smartphone that just debuted in the European region. The Galaxy S III smartphone is one of the most hyped smartphone of this year. With amazing specifications and features, those who have been looking to spend their money on a smartphone, should on Galaxy S III smartphone. It is one of the best smartphones launched in a long time, boasting state of the art technology.

This year, we are also going to see the release of a lot of ultrabooks and phones. Some extremely powerful phones are going to be launched this year, including the new iPhone and others by HTC. HTC has already launched very solid phones this year that are also great options for those who want to buy smartphones.

Last but not the least, let me briefly take you through two amazing laptops released this year that also make great gadgets for 2012. One of these laptops is HP Envy 14 Spectre and the other is Asus Zenbook. The Zenbook boasts a sleek design and is found in very comfortable sizes, making it an extremely easy to carry around. Moreover, with decent specs and a reasonable price tag, Zenbook is a good gadget to invest your money in. HP Spectre on the other hand is HP’s first ultrabook, boasting an amazingly sleek design; with Beats speakers and light weight, the ultrabook is surely something to look out for.

Choosing between different gadgets is tricky but by doing the right amount of research and by assessing your needs, you can make a choice that will definitely be in your best interest.


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