iPhone 5 – What We Want

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The iPhone has always been the owner’s pride. It is a world known fact that people who own an iPhone, generally refuse to move to any other brand of phone, and why shouldn’t they? With the unique innovations that Apple comes up with, definitely makes the phones worth the loyalty. The latest that Apple has come up with is the iPhone 5 and the ones who own iPhones and the ones who don’t, all are raving about it. Let’s look at what are the most wanted features in this new kid on the block.


The iPhone counterparts are outdoing themselves, trying to create the thinnest and sleekest possible designs for their phones and why not? The style conscious professional today wants something that’s different. The iPhone would definitely benefit from some loss in thickness.


This is a very important feature for smartphone owners. If there was a choice, we would build a charging point inside ourselves so that our precious phones would never run out of batteries. Since that is not possible, it would be great if Apple could make the battery life better than it already is, will make it easier to love the phone. The option to remove the battery would be good too, so that it can be replaced by a backup.

Big is Better

Another must have for the iPhone 5, a bigger screen. We have been spoilt by the bigger and better screens the other mobile companies are rolling out; almost entering the phones into the tablet range as far as the screen goes. Sticking to the same old 3.5 inch screen may cause a few frowns.

We Need More – An SD Card Would Do

Though the iPhones have brilliant memory and the iPhone 5 may also have the same 64GB version too, however, for those who just want to get smaller memories and later add more, will be able to make an easier choice if the iPhone 5 came with an SD card feature.


An advanced LED flash camera would be a welcome addition too. It has become common to find phones with an 8 megapixel camera, a higher resolution in the iPhone 5 would do wonders. The dual LED option will definitely add to the experience of taking pictures, and yes…a better front camera rather than the prehistoric one in the current versions.

NFC (near field communication technology)

Now this one has high chances of being a part of the iPhone 5, and if it is, we will have a lot of reasons to smile. This technology will enable the iPhone 5 to act as…drumroll…your car keys. Yes, there is a possibility it will do that so you won’t have to worry about leaving your car keys anywhere…apart from the fact that they may get stolen. This technology will also enable the iPhone 5 to act as a device to make payments…bye bye plastic….hopefully.

A Better Processor

The competitors have already launched their brilliant phones with quad-core processors and it would be great if the iPhone 5 was in the same league too. Now that the world has been exposed to better performance, it would be beneficial for the iPhone 5 to have a better processor so that its features can be enjoyed more.

Better Home Screen

Though the iPhones have been enjoyed just the way they are, a more customizable home screen would be really an added benefit. Customizable widgets, a better notification system, and better dashboard would be a very pleasant change in the iPhone 5.

Face Time

The current iPhones support face time only with WiFi, and the good news is that in the iPhone 5 there is an option to use data network to use this feature. However, the fact that the carriers still decide if it will be available or not, makes us wonder if the iPhone 5 really will allow users to use their data for Face Time or will they still have to use WiFi, wondering why the data network feature was added.

Even though, we know that Apple will outdo itself with iPhone 5, we know that certain really desirable and some very wanted features may not be there. Apple has always been excellent with its products and has always made a mark. We hope iPhone 5 is a brilliant example of that.


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