Is HP back to tablets production?

Tablets have revolutionized the computer industry and some experts are predicting that they will become so widely used that notebooks and laptops will take a backseat. With the tablet industry growing at such rapid rates, computer manufacturers are rushing to the occasion to mass-produce these products. If tablets were to take over laptops, there is undeniably going to be a foreseeable future in manufacturing Android tablets. One particular company, Hewlett-Packard, who has not done as well as some of their competitors in the tablet market, may be returning back to tablet production.

HP is manufacturing Windows operating system tablets

Androids are selling the best right now, but Hewlett-Packard is taking another route and is trying to market their Windows-based tablets. The Android operating system was designed specifically for phone and tablet use, and the Windows operating system had to be slightly adjusted to work for these platforms and with touchscreen. The Windows operating system is considered highly technical and possibly more advanced than Android, so along with HP tablets comes a slightly higher price tag. Many people do not realize that there are actually quite a few advantages to owning a Windows-based touch screen tablet. Windows offers the advantages of being able to install a wide variety of software, as most developers create their products based on the Windows platform. Not to mention, you also gain access to the .net framework which is packed with thousands of available features that software developers can use in their products. Along with these capabilities comes the option to install some many popular software titles. These include Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio for writing programming code, as well as the office suite including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. These features alone make a Windows operating system tablet in high demand among businesses and consumers that are technically savvy.

HP tablets have the availability of Windows 8

Microsoft attempted to make their Windows 8 platform, which is still in beta at the moment, superior over their last releases. Since HP tablets are Windows-based, they will be available for an upgrade to the Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 is a huge improvement over Windows 7, as it integrates its mobile platform and its desktop platform together so that developers can design for just one operating system. Any games that run on the desktop will be interchangeable with Windows 8 powered tablets and phones, and this is also true to other software designed for business use and production.

HP may see the effort being put towards the Windows 8 operating system, and sees this as an opportunity to capitalize in the tablet market. With Microsoft working towards building a foundation that can be interchangeable between regular computers and mobile computers; this opens the door for developers and computer enthusiasts to be very intrigued with what they’re doing. To someone who design software, being able to target both regular computer users and users of phones and tablets, all under one operating system, is a very powerful feature. It also helps save money by allowing the developers to design their software only once, and never have to worry about releasing an application for another type of product.

What makes HP tablets hot item in this growing market?

HP is targeting a different type of user than most companies are doing at the moment. The majority of tablet manufacturers are focusing their efforts toward attracting consumers, by using the android operating system as their foundation to their tablet. Android phones and tablets are a hot item at the moment, so consumers are biting at the bit to get their hands on these products. HP is targeting business owners and computer savvy individuals who are looking for more bang for their buck. Everybody knows that Windows has held down the operating system market among computers for several years, and while they may have been delayed to tap into the phone and tablet market, they are finally making efforts in the right direction. HP is bringing to the table tablets that have lots of memory, lots of hard drive space, and a stylish touch screen device that is backed by the Windows operating system. While some of their tablets may look bulkier and less sleek than competing devices, the bulk of their products is actually appealing to their target market.


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