Google phone or iPhone?


Smartphones…we may leave the house without our breakfast, but we won’t leave it without our smartphones. The market today, is flooded with smartphones filled with a variety of features to fulfill the needs of every class of customers. We have phones with the basic internet access and the regular social networking sites and we also have phones that have…well…everything we could possibly need in a phone…great speed, amazing memory, beautiful graphics and resolution, awesome tools to customize the phone…the list is never ending. In this scenario, the best phones that create the competition is what we look for, since we have become addicted to having everything right in the palm of our hands…only the best with everything will do, isn’t it? Currently, there are two competitors in the market that have created quite a stir and made the customers pretty confused. They are the Google Phones and the iPhones. Let’s look at them:

Google Phones

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Google phones have invaded the market with their beautiful designs and features. Nexus one primarily has made a splash with its entry. These phones have great touch functionality and respond very well to touch commands; they have their keyboards arranged in a very convenient manner, allowing the user to type easily without having to change screens to enter important symbols like a period. There is obviously the autocomplete feature to assist a faster and more accurate typing. Nexus one in particular has better battery life than the iPhones even, not just that this phone has a replaceable battery that can be used if the first one runs out. That’s quite handy since most of us use our phones constantly and are thus always on a lookout for a charge source in the fear that our phone will shut down…that just cannot happen now, can it?

This Google phone also has the dictation feature that allows you to speak out your text and emails without having to move your focus away from that crossing your about to walk on. One big plus is that the Google phones do not come attached to a particular service provider. Seriously, the Google phones can be used with any service provider and don’t have to be used only with the variety provided. Having said that, you can still get Google phones with service providers offering affordable plans…if you want to avail that benefit.

Also, the Google app market provides about 20,000 applications to its users in a variety of fields, and this number is growing by the day as Google has a very easy process to have the applications certified, up and running in no time. And to talk about the camera, the Google phones have great cameras with excellent clarity that allow you to capture moments perfectly, whether it is day or night.

To top it all, the Google phones are much cheaper than the iPhone, making them, not just user friendly but also pocket friendly.


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The iPhones have always been considered a class apart, and it is a big decision to get an iPhone because it is popularly believed that most of those who get the ‘I’ cannot think of moving to anything else later. So it is a big decision to get an iPhone. We have all seen how the iPhone evolved with time and today it has one of the best features a phone would need. iPhones come with not just that sleek look and minimalistic design; they do really stand out in the crowd. The first thing you notice is the missing buttons on the phone. The iPhones come just with a home button, making it look very stylish in comparison to some of the Google phones with buttons all over them. It has also been noticed that the touch sensitivity of an iPhone is much better than that of any of the phones in its competition, it is smoother and more accurate than the others. To add to this, the iPhone has a market that offers about 100,000 applications, which is quite a big number as compared to the Google market.

The iPhone also comes with a lot of support…the iPhone users will never find themselves stranded if and when they face any trouble with their phones. The wide spread and extremely effective online and over the phone customer service are always there to help a customer out.

So…which one?

The choice is quite difficult, and all we can do is…decide what is it, that we really want in our phone.



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