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Is HP back to tablets production?

Tablets have revolutionized the computer industry and some experts are predicting that they will become so widely used that notebooks and laptops will take a backseat. With the tablet industry growing at such rapid rates, computer manufacturers are rushing to the occasion to mass-produce these products. If tablets were to take over laptops, there is undeniably going to be a foreseeable future in manufacturing Android tablets. One particular company, Hewlett-Packard, who has not done as well as some of their competitors in the tablet market, may be returning back to tablet production.

Cloud Computing Is The Risk Worth The Wait?

Cloud computing was supposed to herald a new age in cost effective data storage.  But after the Amazon fiasco there is little evidence whether it was worth the wait.  Doubts are being raised whether the platform is durable enough to support the data requirements of big conglomerates. Information is power, and when this information is cut off, huge losses are incurred.

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