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Xbox Live – The Coolest Way to Play

Xbox is Different

Xbox live has changed the entire gaming experience. It has changed the image of a gaming console from being just a mode of playing games to something that can be used to fulfill a variety of needs for not just the gamer, but the entire family. It has indeed, become a way to bring the entire family together and in today’s times where we barely see our family members, Xbox live has found a way to bring everyone together by customizing themselves to everyone’s needs.

Acer Iconia A100 with Android 4.0: A Relief

Acer has been in the neck to neck race with the other companies involved with releasing better and brilliant technologies and products, and its latest attempt at taking it a step ahead is the Acer Iconia A100. The device is simply a joy to look at. Launched with the Honeycomb version, the Iconia has recently received the Ice cream sandwich update. Now, we all know how awaited this update has been and how much better it is. Those who have seen this update know how much cooler it is and those who haven’t … have read pretty much all that is there about it.

Is HP back to tablets production?

Tablets have revolutionized the computer industry and some experts are predicting that they will become so widely used that notebooks and laptops will take a backseat. With the tablet industry growing at such rapid rates, computer manufacturers are rushing to the occasion to mass-produce these products. If tablets were to take over laptops, there is undeniably going to be a foreseeable future in manufacturing Android tablets. One particular company, Hewlett-Packard, who has not done as well as some of their competitors in the tablet market, may be returning back to tablet production., a new Social Network launched by Microsoft

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In the social network world that we live in today, it is nearly impossible to not use one throughout the day to connect with friends and family members. Microsoft has come to realize this, and has been creating their own social network called “”. They have decided to take an approach that is geared more towards students to help differentiate themselves from the other big competitors such as Facebook and Google+. But, let’s face it, they are still going to have to compete with them whether they like it or not. Microsoft has been working on “” for over a year now, and has finally decided that it was time to reveal it to the public. Until now, they have kept it pretty unknown to the general public.

Must Have Gadgets For 2012

This year, a lot of gadgets have already made their way to the market and others are going to be launched soon. With so much choice in terms of gadgets, people find it hard to choose between different technological items and decide which ones they should spend their money on and which ones are just not worth it.

Cloud Computing Is The Risk Worth The Wait?

Cloud computing was supposed to herald a new age in cost effective data storage.  But after the Amazon fiasco there is little evidence whether it was worth the wait.  Doubts are being raised whether the platform is durable enough to support the data requirements of big conglomerates. Information is power, and when this information is cut off, huge losses are incurred.

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