15 Factors That Affect Your Business Phone Bill

Owning a business is no easy task and managing finances is a burden that comes naturally for business owners. The best way to increase your profits is to cut down your operations cost and improve production. Sometimes, increase in production may not be feasible or it may take some time to reflect in your balance sheet. However, reduction in expenses can immediately bring your profits.

Everyone wants to save on phone bills and businesses are no exceptions. With little perseverance and patience, you can re-organize your business telecommunication network so that you spend less every month. To cut down your expenses on phone bills, you first need to know what factors affect your phone bills:

  1. The numbers of hours you talk on the phone directly affect your telephone bills. Whether you use your cell phone for personal or business use, you have to pay for the minutes you talk.
  1. The number of hours your employees spend talking on phone also affect your business phone bills. With multiple employees and multiple bills, it may become difficult to keep a tab on the bills.
  1. Using traditional wired telephone connection can be expensive. Consider going wireless for some of your telephones at least in order to save your phone bills.
  1. You may care for your employees, but if you feel that an employee doesn’t need blackberry accounts anymore, take away those phones.
  1. There is no need to present each and every employee with a company phone. If you have too many employees having company phones, try cutting the number of mobile phones for your employees.
  1. The plans that you use for your phone and your employees’ phone directly affect your business phone bills. The plans may seem to be convincing, but cut down all the extras.
  1. Regulating the way your employees use telephones can be very useful. Without any knowledge about usage pattern of telephones by your employees, you can’t come to any conclusion.
  1. You want your employees to work efficiently and hence, consider using services they need. Sometimes, limited plans can turn out to be expensive when your employee’s job demands using the services for several long hours. In that case, unlimited plan is essential.
  1. Monitoring your employee’s telephone bills is crucial to your business profits. You want to provide some benefits for your employees, but don’t let them abuse the benefits.
  1. Choosing a plan that doesn’t fit your company’s needs can seriously affect your business phone bills badly. Flat fee rates are not customizable. Pay as you go or prepaid plans are much more suitable.
  1. Have all employee phones contracted by the same network operator. This way, you can take advantage of in-network free calling or CUG benefits.
  1. Negotiation with the network operators can greatly prove to be beneficial for the business.
  1. Try to pool the employees’ minutes so that you can compensate a heavy user more easily.
  1. Monthly rental charges and recurring charges can easily add up to your business phone bills.

Not paying the bills within due date also affect your phone bills. Always make it a point to have someone pay


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